Custom Toothbrush Polishes The Whole Mouth In Six Seconds

Custom Toothbrush Polishes The Whole Mouth In Six Seconds
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3D printed tailored design swabs teeth, tongue and below the gum line.

Serena Chu
  • 2 october 2013

Every night we spend a considerable amount of time brushing our teeth, or at least we are suppose to. Newly introduced Brizzident cuts down tooth brushing time to a mere six seconds. Blizzident is the world’s first toothbrush specially tailored by 3D printing technology to perfectly fit each wearer’s mouth. The customized fit of the toothbrush ensures optimal cleaning and dramatic results.

tooth brush 2

Toothbrush 1

The interdental bristles that positioned strategically, allow the toothbrush to clean the gingival sulcus, which is the space underneath the gumline, as well as all other surfaces. All the wearer has to do is simply bite and let the mechanical brush grind. Other dental hygiene features of the Blizzident include flossing and tongue cleaning.

Blizzident is currently offered for $300.

Here is a video displaying how the toothbrush effectively uses 6 seconds of your time.


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