Cute Kitten Candle Burns Down To Reveal The Devil Within [Pics]

Cute Kitten Candle Burns Down To Reveal The Devil Within [Pics]
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Halloween-themed candle is a piece of design theatre that features wax and fire as the performers.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 october 2013


Reykjavik-based designer Thorunn Arnadottir has come up with an interesting design just in time for Halloween, a candle that is transformed by fire from a sweet little kitten into a grinning metallic devil with sharp claws and fire blazing in its eyes. The Pyropet puts a whole new spin on an animal that is often only acknowledged for its cuteness.

The cat’s name is Kisa (the Icelandic word for kitty) and the idea first came about when Thorunn began thinking about the use of candles. Instead of a candle that has a definite shape melting into a formless puddle of wax, why not create a piece of theatre that reveals itself from within the candle?


Her idea also draws on the dual-nature of cats, cute and cuddly one minute, aggressive and noisy the next. Speaking with Vice, the designers talked about how she wanted to reinvent the way people look at candles:

Candles are usually in the area of some sweet and cute home decorations. It’s a very romantic product. You would normally not expect to see the skeleton of the cute little cat candle you just lit.

Thorunn Arnadottir

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