Dali-Inspired Typeface Molds To Any Surface It Is Placed On [Pics]

Dali-Inspired Typeface Molds To Any Surface It Is Placed On [Pics]
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Student opts for Jell-O to create an adaptable typeface that is different with each use.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 october 2013

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s iconic painting “The Persistence of Memory,” Alexis Gallo has created an experimental typeface called “Form, which just like the melting clocks found in Dali’s timeless masterpieces, drape themselves over various surfaces. Although it’s based on Futura, the typeface takes on a completely different appearance depending on what surface you place it on.

Gallo, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, created the distorted typeface for a school project. There are various versions available, including 2D, 3D and cutout, all of which are presented in a mini-booklet she made to present her work. The staggered presentation of the typeface in her booklet plays with perspective and gives the letters the appearance of having been laid out on some steps.


When Gallo was first playing around with the distortion of the letters – wanting them to appear floppy and unstable – she tried making them with pancakes. After deciding to make the type 3D instead, she turned to Jell-O as a more suitable substance, which she also used to present the typeface in an accompanying video.


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