Dancer Molds Light Like It Was A Ball Of Dough [Video]

Dancer Molds Light Like It Was A Ball Of Dough [Video]
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“Nuance” is a short film featuring a dancer that moves an animated ball of light in sync with a song that accompanies his movements.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 october 2013

In a short black and white film, dancer Lucas Boirat does battle with light, as it morphs shapes. The tightly choreographed video, called Nuance, is by French director,  and sees Boirat dance, contort and seemingly fight with the light all perfectly timed to an electronic track. The video imagines a future where dance and music play off of each other, instead of just dance reacting to different beats and rhythms.


Locatelli told Fast Co.Design:

I chose the track because it’s very rhythmic, and it allowed me to work on shape movement, acceleration, and slow-motion, as well as take poetic breaks. I wanted to see how graphic shapes could emphasize or reveal parts of the music that had otherwise remained hidden.

The combination of Boirat’s precision, Locatelli’s animation prowess and the way the movement pairs with the track, Ants by electronic musician edIT makes for a mesmerizing film.

Watch Nuance below:

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