Installation Captures Abstract Visuals Of Dancers’ Movements [Video]

Installation Captures Abstract Visuals Of Dancers’ Movements [Video]

Two artworks have been created by digital art & design collective Universal Everything for the Science Museum in London.

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 october 2013

UK-based digital art and design collective Universal Everything was commissioned to create a two-part installation in the Media Space at the Science Museum in London. Working with emergent technologies, they developed a vibrant and playful aesthetic.

The two artworks 1000 Hands and Presence, originate from simple line drawings and are united in the gallery space through sound and light. Presence transforms dancing into frenetic shapes, while 1000 Hands turns user-generated drawings contributed through a smartphone app into animated visuals.

Installation Captures Abstract Visuals Of Dancers’ Movements [Video]

In the physical space, 1000 Hands will take the form of a circular projection onto multiple screens with each screen displaying an individual user-generated artwork. An evolving soundtrack will amplify and recede over time in relation to the works moving in unison on screen.

Presence will be a circular four-screen video installation occupying the space around 1000 Hands. It will show moving abstract forms against a black background, created by motion captured performances of dancers. The performances evolve in appearance over time, changing materials, color and behaviour. You can check out the digital installation in the video below:

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