Parkour Video Gives Viewers A Front Row Seat To Death-Defying Stunts [Video]


Freerunner travels the world capturing various landscapes as he leaps across rooftops.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 october 2013

James Kingston is a 23-year-old professional freerunner who is travelling around the world to film point-of-view videos of his Parkour adventures. His first video was filmed using a GoPro Camera in his hometown of Southampton, UK, which shows him jumping effortlessly from one rooftop to another, and running along sky-high ledges.

The video took roughly 5 early morning shoots to get all the footage Kingston needed, along with a few heavy editing sessions to get it to a point where he was pleased with it. His good friend Zeff produced the music for the video, which is a lot calmer when compared with many other parkour videos.


Kingston is also know for another video that involves him climbing to the top of a crane in Southampton, in which he hangs from the crane without any support or safety nets, dangling his legs over the city below. When asked why he went up there to die, he replied:

“I didn’t go up there to die. I went up there to live.”

James Kingston

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