Design Firm Ropes Off Busy City Streets As Its Office [Pics]

Design Firm Ropes Off Busy City Streets As Its Office [Pics]

Four designers host an intimate public gathering for brilliant minds and creative talents.

Serena Chu
  • 11 october 2013

Calling all artists and designers out there, Studio Shelf will be setting up an public office on the streets of Cape Town to better interact with locals and aspiring talents.

Once a month, the design firm will box off a sidewalk corner with yellow adhesives and move brightly colored furniture outside to exchange design ideas and maximize use of public spaces. Inspiration for Shelf’s public office came from Let’s Talk Shop, a design agency aimed at revitalizing London high streets.

studio shelf 1

Studio Shelf in a public announcement shared:

We strongly believe that designers have the ability to solve problems, but too rarely engage with public space and communities. (…) We love the idea of not knowing how people, spaces or businesses will react to us just popping up. It keeps us on our toes, forces us to be aware of our role as designers and is a fairly stark reminder that what we design has a real effect on the world.

The intimacy of Studio Shelf is what sets them apart from other agencies. If you are lucky enough, you might just find these four amicable designers sipping coffee around your neighborhood (in Cape Town).  Every month, their moveable office explores a different part of the city.

Studio Shelf


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