Slimming Perfume Repulses Dieters From Snacking

Slimming Perfume Repulses Dieters From Snacking

With the Stink Yourself Slim perfume, people can trick themselves into avoiding certain foods.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 october 2013

A slimming perfume claims to help people avoid certain foods by making them associate those foods with the bad smell of the perfume.

Stink Yourself Slim, which markets itself as the “world’s first ‘malodorant,'” is a non-toxic but foul-smelling perfume that people can spray around the food that they want to stop eating. The bad smell is supposed to put them off the food for an extended length of time.

The perfume was created by British businesswoman Alex Fontaine who thought of the idea when she was unable to eat a local dish because of the bad smell. She realized that the bad smell decreased her appetite for the food and was inspired to create an air propellant that could help her stop overeating.

Stink Yourself Slim was created after 18 months of studies, tests, and working closely with experts in eating behavior, odor creation, and manufacturing.


Smells have been known to affect behavior and the product takes advantage of this by helping people change their behavior towards certain foods and help them with their weight loss goals.

The perfume is meant to be sprayed into the air and not directly on food or on surfaces or skin.

Stink Yourself Slim sells for £29.99 per bottle.

Stink Yourself Slim


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