Physical Button Disconnects Users From Digital Distractions

Physical Button Disconnects Users From Digital Distractions

The MyFocus device is designed to help users be more focused and productive.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 october 2013

It can be quite difficult to be productive when there are so many digital and physical distractions all around you. Online messages and emails, incoming text messages on your phone, co-workers stopping by your desk to chat–these are just some of the things that can make you lose your focus on work.

Startup company CanFocus has created a large physical button to help users manage those distractions. The MyFocus button is a one-click button that eliminates digital distractions and also tells people around you that you are not to be disturbed.


When the button is pressed to the green setting, it means the user is available to chat or discuss and answer emails, messages, and phone calls. When the button is pressed to the red setting, all emails, online and text messages, and phone calls are put on hold or turned to “busy” mode and all notification sounds are disabled. The red light also lets others know that the user is busy and is not to be disturbed. When the user goes back to the green setting, all messages that were on hold are then immediately delivered.

The MyFocus button currently works on major platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft, and Blackberry. The device is currently on Kickstarter to seek funding for further upgrades and development. The campaign has less than a month to go to reach its target goal of $129,000 CAD.



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