Digital Pen Syncs Notes To Phone And Tablet [Video]

Digital Pen Syncs Notes To Phone And Tablet [Video]

The new Livescribe 3 digitizes handwritten notes and sends them to an app on your mobile devices.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 30 october 2013

As covered by PSFK last year, Livescribe’s Sky wi-fi smartpen is capable of sending handwritten notes and audio directly to a digital cloud for accessibility anywhere with Internet. This year, to increase sharing, accessibility, and search functions, the Livescribe 3 was built with its own app – Livescribe+ – to sync and share whatever you write.

By using the Livescribe notebooks, the Livescribe 3 digitizes all of your notes – even recognizing discrete sections. For example, write a phone number and then add it to your phone book with a tap, write an address and sync it to view in Google Maps, or share and save notes as PDFs.


Unlike the original, the Livescribe 3 has nearly no technology in the pen itself. This time around, technology, including the microphone and Internet connection, is stored on the mobile device – currently just iOS. This makes the Livescribe 3 much smaller, but it also requires a phone for full functionality. The pen connects via Bluetooth, and the battery is rated to last 14 hours. But, even if the battery runs out, the pen will still sync notes written while disconnected later on.

New features include the Find My Pen function, which causes the pen to beep if lost, and the Livescribe+ “Feed”, which attempts to organize relevant notes together for sharing. The company also enlisted a pen designer to develop the black and chrome device to feel more like a writing tool than mini-computer. One end features a stylus and hidden microUSB port, the other an ink tip.

The Livescribe 3 comes in a Standard version – $149.95 for the pen, a 50-sheet notebook, a charging cable, and a black tungsten carbide medium-tip ink cartridge – and a Pro Edition – $199.95 for the pen, a leather portfolio with a 100-sheet hardbound journal, a year’s subscription to Evernote Premium, a charging cable, and the cartridge.

Check out the video and gallery below to see the Livescribe 3 in action:


Images via Engadget 

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