DIY Kit Lets Anyone Play Video Game Designer

DIY Kit Lets Anyone Play Video Game Designer
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Technology Will Save Us aims to teach video game programming to the masses.

Sara Boboltz
  • 24 october 2013

Have you ever thought up a brilliant video game concept, only to be crushed by the realization that you don’t actually have the knowledge or resources to make it? Now you can!

With a just few parts and a quick intro to programming, pretty much anyone could be on their way to making his or her own handheld console and a game to go with it. At least that’s the goal of the DIY Gamer kit by Technology Will Save Us. Depending on skill level, users can solder together the console — whose design harks back to the blocky ones of decades past — in about two hours using instructions on TWSU’s website. Then they’ll learn to program a game using Arduino (a single-board micro-controller) and the company’s own custom software library, and voila! Custom game.

Properly finished consoles feature the four-button controls you might expect, but also a buzzer, so your game can make those annoyingly repetitive sounds as all the good ones do. It also has wireless infrared links to let you link up with other consoles for multiplayer gaming.

DIY Gamer isn’t available yet, but you can pre-order online for the holidays.

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