Dusty Cars Serve As Artist’s Blank Canvas [Pics]

Dusty Cars Serve As Artist’s Blank Canvas [Pics]
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Azerbaijani parking attendant Rafael Veyisov uses his fingers to draw extremely detailed urban landscapes.

Daniela Walker
  • 14 october 2013

Dirty cars often beg people to write something in the dust, but often the message is as unimaginative as ‘clean me’ or a smiley face, but parking attendant Rafael Veyisov sees the dirty cars as a blank canvas to create astounding artworks of urban landscapes, all with his fingers and some dust.

The drawings began as a way for Veyisov to make time go faster during his long shifts at the parking lot in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, but patrons were so impressed with his drawings that people began to bring in dusty cars just to see what Veyisov would do with it. Azerbaijani media discovered the street artist’s work and spoke with him about his inspirations for the drawings. He said:

[I try to] mostly to depict towns which [are] located far from Azerbaijan so that people learn more and more about other countries. I sometimes draw even imaginary cities and fantasize.

Click the gallery below to see some Veyisov’s handiwork:

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