Microsoft Earbuds Monitor Wearers’ Health To Help Pick The Next Song

Microsoft Earbuds Monitor Wearers’ Health To Help Pick The Next Song

Non-invasive technology that could act as a fitness coach and remote doctor.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 october 2013

As part of their latest project called Septimu, Microsoft is working to incorporate health monitoring and mood detection into a pair of earbuds  Capable of monitoring heart rate, temperature and other biorhythms, the in-ear device would even be able to select the most appropriate music depending on your mood.

The earphones incorporate sensors such as thermometers, inward-facing microphones and IMUs – which work a lot like accelerometers – to pick up on key indicators throughout your body. Apart from using the headphones to correct your posture, they can also act as a health and exercise diary, providing a low-cost coaching solution, or a non-invasive form of remote medical care.


The app which works alongside the Septimu earbuds is called Musical Heart, and was developed by researchers at the University of Virginia Center for Wireless Health. This feature uses biorhythms to pick up on your current mood and then play a song best suited to remedy the situation. This means if you had a sudden bout of anger while taking the subway to work, Musical Heart would select a soothing song to bring your heart rate and breathing back to normal.

While Septimu isn’t an actual product yet, it hints at the possibilities of incorporating health monitoring into existing technologies, as opposed to developing stand-alone solutions that become an additional burden for people to use in their daily lives.


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