Miniature Edible Boats Cruise Around Cocktails Without A Motor

Miniature Edible Boats Cruise Around Cocktails Without A Motor

Garnishes that run on alcohol-based liquids make happy hour that much more fun.

Serena Chu
  • 18 october 2013

Umbrellas, olives, and berries are cocktail garnishes that we are accustomed to seeing; but how would you feel if a little motorized boat made of gelatin invaded your glass?

Lisa Burton,  mechanical engineering PhD candidate at MIT, created fluid-propelled vessels that can be eaten. The logic behind Cocktail Boats is the same one used to explain water-walking insects – water tension.

burton 2

After several trial and errors, Burton and her friend Nadia Cheng found the perfect combination to create these darling floating objects. The difference in surface tension between alcohol and water is what propels the little vessels. Apparently, liquors with a high percentage of alcohol like Barcadi 151 – which is 75 percent alcohol – allow for the most mobility.

Several chefs have shown interests in her fleet of edible boats, and might start accenting their dishes with them.

Cocktail Boats 

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