Edible Textiles Fashion Fabric Out Of Food [Pics]

Edible Textiles Fashion Fabric Out Of Food [Pics]
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A tasty project where fabric design meets culinary ingenuity.

Serena Chu
  • 14 october 2013

Experimenting with everyday ingredients around the kitchen, Scandinavian artist Camilla Wordie created a collection of edible textiles. Her project “Edible Textiles” takes inspiration from her fascination with the culinary arts, as well as the rapid growth of the “food art” trend.

Manipulating different ingredients, Wordie uses the application of heat and pigmenting to transform foods into thin edible layers that can be used as textiles. Her experimentation with ingredients such as pasta, millet, and oats led her to create interesting patterns and textile surfaces, ranging in thickness and texture.

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Originally part of Wordie’s final degree project, “Edible Textiles” now challenges the boundaries of textile design and the properties of different foods.

Check out some of other food related productions on her personal website. You will find the “Wearing Rice is Nice” and “Am I Chocolate or Not?” just as innovative as the edible textiles collection.

Edible Textiles

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