Encrypted Photos Can Only Be Unlocked Via Password [Pics]

Encrypted Photos Can Only Be Unlocked Via Password [Pics]

Cryptstagram by The Barbarian Group lets users share information through glitch art.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 october 2013

Created as a side project by creative agency The Barbarian Group, Cryptstagram is a tool that lets users encrypt a hidden message into an image, which can only be unlocked with a specific password.

The tool is a result of the agency’s Project Popcorn program, where new employees are teamed up with veterans to work on a side project that embodies the agency’s values, inventiveness, playfulness, and technical skills. The group that came up with Cryptstagram wanted to create something that involved cryptography and glitch art.


With Cryptstagram, users can hide information or secret messages with Instagram-like filters that create glitchy encrypted images. The developers of the tool made it open-ended so users can choose to encrypt images with a message, import it, and send it privately without having to pass through any external server. Users can also share their encrypted images on the Cryptstagram wall.

The tool has a lot of interesting and fun applications, especially for brands. Celebrities or brands can release encrypted images that only their fans can unlock. Cryptstagram can also be used to create puzzles or scavenger hunts for personal or promotional purposes.

Check out some of the cryptic images below.

The Barbarian Group // Cryptstagram

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