Waste-Conscious Restaurant Cooks Up Meals Using Nearly Expired Foods

Waste-Conscious Restaurant Cooks Up Meals Using Nearly Expired Foods
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Danish restaurant redirects "dumpster food" back onto their ever-changing menu.

Serena Chu
  • 14 october 2013

Supermarkets discard fresh produce everyday in order to fulfill the public’s demand for the freshest, best-looking foods. This social phenomena is directly responsible for the increasing amount of wasted food. According to Businessweek, we threw away $180 billion worth of food in 2012, and that was just in America. Just imagine how much food is thrown out across the globe.

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Danish Restaurant Rub Og Stub aspires to reduce the amount of food waste by serving nutritious meals made from ingredients that would have been thrown away by supermarkets. Similar restaurants, such as The Daily Table in Dorchester Massachusetts, have also adopted the same food saving technique.

The idea of Rub Og Stub came from Denmark’s community of “freegans.” Disgusted by the amount of food thrown away, these “dumpster divers” claw through trash cans and consume any edible morsels they can find to reduce waste.

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Rub Og Stub, however is not run by freegans. Instead, they established donation partnerships with two supermarkets owned by Coop Danmark, agreeing to supply any ingredients the store no longer keeps. Donated foods are usually ones that are nearing their expiry dates, but are still good enough to eat.


With an ever changing list of products, the restaurant does not have a set menu, and puts together dishes based on whatever ingredients are available. In the past, they have received “everything from lamb chops and duck breast, to big bags of grapes and dairy products.”

Run entirely by  volunteers, this community restaurant will all give profits to charities in Sierra Leone.

Rub Og Stub


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