RFID-Rigged Park Uploads Skateboarders’ Tricks To Facebook [Video]

RFID-Rigged Park Uploads Skateboarders’ Tricks To Facebook [Video]

The first-ever glow in the dark skate park in Australia is connected to social networks.

Serena Chu
  • 4 october 2013

As a way to show appreciation for its consumers and to better promote their Nutri-Grain cereal, Kellogg’s put together the Fuel On Skatepark to add a little excitement in Australia. Hundreds of influential teens were invited to experience this glow-in-the-dark wonderland.

This laser-rigged, projection-mapped skate park showcased performers doing exhilarating jumps, glides, and other tricks. Skateboarders were accessorized with RFID tagged keychains, which enabled cameras to capture action shots whenever they passed by the infra-red beams. Images were automatically uploaded onto Facebook and shared with the internet – RFID technology made sure not a moment was missed.

It is one thing to skate with friends on the streets, it is another thing to skate in darkness with the whole world watching. Check out more of the action below.

Fuel On Skatepark

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