Fake Craigslist Real Estate Ads Use Breaking Bad To Sell Homes

Fake Craigslist Real Estate Ads Use Breaking Bad To Sell Homes

Century 21 advertised the house of the show's main character, right before the series finale.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 october 2013

Instead of paying $400,000 for a 30-second commercial during the final episode of AMC’s Breaking Badreal estate marketer Century 21 decided to take advantage of the show’s popularity in a more creative way. Hours before the final show on Sunday, the company hatched their digital campaign by placing a fake ad on Craiglist for the New Mexico home of the main character, Walter White.

The three-bedroom ranch style house is listed as an “Albuquerque Palace Waiting for You” with a price tag of $150,000. Anyone who is a follower of the show will instantly recognize insider references such as “great local schools with dedicated teachers who take an interest in students,” and “secret crawl space great fun for kids.”


As reported by AdAge, director of social media for Century 21, Matt Gentile said:

In today’s media environment there’s only so many Super Bowls, only so many opportunities to capture the attention and imagination of a mass audience, and Breaking Bad’s season finale was one of those moments.

In order to capture some of that attention, the company opted for a much bolder strategy, thanks to a collaboration with Boston-based agency Mullen. Alongside the Craiglist post, the company is doing a related Twitter and Facebook campaign to drive traffic, while also attracting the attention of fans, and possibly actors of the show.


Century 21 are hoping to attract a new demographic with this extremely creative stunt, more specifically, males in their 40s and those that could be in the market for a home upgrade, as explained by Matt Gentile:

We do a significant amount of targeting in our social efforts amongst first time female home buyers and this type of campaign helps us to reach into the more intermediate age range and a little bit more slanted towards male to shake things up a bit.

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