Genealogy Social Network Gives Rise To Family Tree Of Over 13 Million People

Genealogy Social Network Gives Rise To Family Tree Of Over 13 Million People

Researchers put together a family tree that connects centuries of genetic traits.

Serena Chu
  • 30 october 2013

Using annonymized data, researchers at MIT’s Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research were able to create a pedigree with over 43 million profiles including a family tree that links together 13 million people and establishes family relationships in a new light. At the American Society of Human Genetics, Erlich’s team shared their research and how they created a single pedigree that is based on generations up to the 15th century.


Yaniv Erlich and his colleagues at MIT made use of, a MyHeritage company and a genealogy site, because the established database of users enable them to create an activity that is accessible and easy to use. People can now trace back in time and discover distant relatives. Genetics researchers greatly benefited from the authorized Geni information, which included variables such as longevity, fertility, migration patters, and appearances.


While identity information is stripped from the monstrous family tree, researchers are still able to make use of the dataset as a community resource.



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