Fluffy Lamp Sets Off Motion-Triggered Thunderstorms [Pics]

Fluffy Lamp Sets Off Motion-Triggered Thunderstorms [Pics]
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An artificial cloud created to mimic the magnificence of thunderstorms.

Serena Chu
  • 25 october 2013

Designer Richard Clarkson created an one-of-a-kind lamp that resembles a puffy cloud, which when examined from afar looks more like a gathering of white smoke. The Cloud Lamp is unique in that it is not just a lamp, but also a high-tech piece of equipment designed to reproduce a thunderstorm indoors.

cloud 7

Clarkson installed an Arduino and electrical wires to simulate lightning flashes and thunderstorms. The cloud also has embedded LED lights and a 2.1subwoofer with pre-recorded thunder sounds. The intensity of the storm is triggered by a motion sensor that detects a person’s relative position to the cloud.

As for the material of the cloud itself, Clarkson had to rummage through hundreds of pillows before finding the right specimen. After several trial and errors, Clarkson achieved what he set out to do – he brewed the perfect storm.

If you are interested in the Cloud Lamp, you can purchase it here.

Cloud Lamp

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