Confectioner Offers Free Chocolate To Travelers With Bad Airplane Seats

Confectioner Offers Free Chocolate To Travelers With Bad Airplane Seats

The worse your place, the better your reward with this latest promotion at Copenhagen airport.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 october 2013

Chocolatier Anthon Berg  wanted to do something special for airline passengers, which is why they created the “Generous Upgrader,” a program which rewards travelers depending on how bad their seat on the plane happens to be. With a little help from SeatGuru, the chocolatier can determine how bad your seat actually is, and reward you accordingly.

The premise is simple, the worse your seat, the greater the reward, which is determined using information on your boarding pass, and the SeatGuru database. Passengers just have to go up to a stand in a promotional area of the airport where an Anthon Berg stewardess will help scan your boarding pass, before handing out the sugary goodness.


Upgrades include chocolates of varying sizes, which you can use to ease the pain in your legs once cramps set in, or share with other passengers stuck in the same predicament as you. There are also Anthon Berg-branded neck pillows and eye masks for those with the worst seats – right next to a toilet, or cramped in the very back for example – hopefully making the journey a little bit more enjoyable.


Copenhagen Airport is the first airport to be fitted with an “Anthon Berg Generous Chocolate Upgrader” promotion area, but the company will be rolling out this new type of promotion in the Nordic region from fall this year, and on a global scale from 2014.

Anthon Berg



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