Spencer's Morturary may soon become a meeting place for creatives in a blighted Midwest town.

A 120-year-old funeral home in Flint, Michigan, which shut down in the '90s, may soon be transformed into a space for creative work if a Kickstarter campaign can get enough funding.

Spencer's Mortuary, decrepit turn-of-the-last-century building, would become Spencer's Art House, cooperative artist and community space, where apartments upstairs could house creative thinkers while classrooms downstairs hosted workshops and exhibitions.

The campaign was initiated by Andrew Perkins, who graduated from The University of Buffalo with a Masters in Architecture and a strong interest in issues of depopulation and economic tension — found abundantly in Flint. The city has been plagued by crime and blight in recent years, but a number of revitalization efforts have already been made, continuing with Perkins and company. According to Kickstarter, the house is already being renovated with grant money, volunteer labor, and reclaimed materials sourced from nearby vacant houses and construction sites. But the team needs a bit extra to “get over the last hurdles” and stabilize the building, protecting it from gravity and the elements.

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