Glassware Brand Uses Its Traditional Techniques To Make Candy [Pics]

Glassware Brand Uses Its Traditional Techniques To Make Candy [Pics]
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At this year's Vienna Design Week, Bertille and Mathieu teamed up with Lobmeyr to create the world's most beautiful candies.

Sara Boboltz
  • 7 october 2013

French-Swiss duo Bertille and Mathieu commandeered the iconic Lobmeyr shop — a city staple since 1823 — in the name of sweets at this year’s Vienna Design Week. Visitors to their ‘experimental’ pop-up candy factory could buy its wares for a reasonable one Euro while admiring Lobmeyr’s intricately handmade crystal chandeliers and glassware.

Each year, the festival pairs young designers like Bertille and Mathieu with some of the city’s traditional manufacturers as part of its Passionswege event. The goal is to celebrate age-old techniques and processes by discovering new ways to use them.

A visit to the company’s factory provided the skill set and inspiration the designers needed. While Lobmeyr melts and boils sand to create crystal pieces, the duo melted and boiled sugar to create charmingly crystalline candy pieces, which they set into sticks as lollipops. Take a look at their process below:

Bertille and Mathieu

Images via Core77.

+Vienna Design Week

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