Hi allows users to plot events on a map and share them with others around the world.

“Storytelling, in its most atomic form, is just a place plus an event,” explained Craig Mod, the creator of a website called Hi, which blends citizen journalism with social media to plot real-time happenings on a map.

Members of Hi — currently invitation-only — may post either a ‘sketch’ or a ‘moment.’ A sketch comprises a photo plus a 20-word description, while a moment is not limited by number of words, although about 300-500 is suggested. All of these are visible as pins on a map which, as the userbase and number of events documented both grow, turns into a sort of global history. You could see who before you had gathered in the same spot at the neighborhood park, for example, or simply how other people — in nearby or far-flung places — are spending their Sunday afternoons.

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