Art Pieces Imagine A Decorative Future For Goat Manure

Art Pieces Imagine A Decorative Future For Goat Manure
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Decorative waste has an alternative use for household plants.

Serena Chu
  • 2 october 2013

What better way of reusing organic goat manure than to distinctively display them in our living rooms. Dindita, a creative laboratory that works to conceive, design, fabricate and distribute unexpected products found a way to reprocess waste products from livestock and turned it into something marketable. Dindita N.1 — their thinking-out-of-the-box project, is a series of geometric shapes completely made of goat manure, covered with gold powder. Each gold “nugget” serves as both degradable fertilizer and decorative ornament.

poop 1

These curated pieces of organic art are safe to use and abundant in soil nutrients. Laboratory tests were made on pH, nitrates, sulphates and phosphates, proving the dusted gold powder will not harm the plants. Just be sure to wash your hands after fertilizing your plants with these “nuggets”.

A vial of 7 nuggets can serve approximately 3 plants for one season. You can purchase them here.

Dindita N.1


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