Stickers Mark The Most Scenic Spots For Romance [Pics]

Stickers Mark The Most Scenic Spots For Romance [Pics]
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Italian street art collective 0707 has been placing This Is A Good Kiss Spot stickers on surfaces around the world.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 october 2013

Italy-based street art collective 0707 is spreading a little love all over the world by placing stickers that say “This Is A Good Kiss Spot” on surfaces around the globe.


The artists place the stickers in seemingly random places like scenic or tourist spots, near monuments, on benches, bridges, street corners, and even on a car and a motorcycle. The stickers have been found in places like New York, Sydney, Taiwan, Berlin, Milan, Rome, and Paris.

The group has a Facebook page that  is updated with their latest sticker locations, and the group’s posts in July and early August show that they shipped out stickers to folks who wanted to join the movement.


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