Google Patent Lets Glass Wearers “Like” Real-Life Objects

Google Patent Lets Glass Wearers “Like” Real-Life Objects

Tech giant makes their most futuristic product even more progressive.

Lara Piras
  • 17 october 2013

With mixed emotions from the public, Google Glass has been one of the most talked about (Google) products of 2013. At present the device isn’t able to catalogue real-word objects and users have to take a picture of the subject and make a note afterward. The company seems to be experimenting with developing ways of controlling Glass that move beyond head gestures, voice commands, and the swipe bar.


With this in mind, the company’s latest update sees the a new patent which enables a way to use the camera of not only Googles Glass but any wearable head-mounted display to detect hand gestures made in front of objects.


Likened to the ‘like’ button on Facebook, the user would frame real-world objects with a heart-shaped hand gesture and using its built-in camera, the wearable device would then analyze the framed content and intelligently ‘like’ the highlighted object or location. Google has mentioned the update to the device could also include other gestures such as forming a right angle with your thumb and index finger, or moving your hand in the shape of a closed loop.

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