Can Google Glass Shape The Future Of Medicine? [Video]

Can Google Glass Shape The Future Of Medicine? [Video]

Philips teams up with Accenture to develop proof of concept for delivering patient information via the wearable tech.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 october 2013

Philips and Accenture are working together to explore the potential uses of Google Glass in the medical setting. The two global companies have developed a proof of concept for delivering patient information to surgeons via the wearable technology.

Researchers from the Philips Digital Accelerator Labs and Accenture Technology Labs connected the Google Glass to Philips IntelliVue Solutions. The concept shows how a doctor can access clinical information or monitor a patient’s vital signs and react to surgery procedures simultaneously without having to turn away from one task. Doctors can also monitor patients remotely or seek assistance from doctors in other locations.



The concept aims to help doctors be more efficient and effective in their jobs, as well as be more mobile by providing them with easy access to patient information while on the go.

The researchers are looking into other ways or opportunities to integrate Google Glass seamlessly with the healthcare solutions of Philips. Some of the topics that they want to research further include giving doctors near real-time access to patient vital signs via Google Glass, giving doctors access to patient information and images from anywhere in their medical facility and access to crucial checklists like pre-surgery safety checklist. The researchers also want to look into providing doctors a way to look in on their patients who are in recovery rooms, allowing them to conduct live interview or video conferences with other medical professionals, and allowing them to record surgeries for training purposes.

You can watch the concept demonstration in the video below.

Philips // Accenture


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