Fitness Program Uses Google Glass To Gamify Running

Fitness Program Uses Google Glass To Gamify Running

Crowdfunded startup introduces the world's first virtual fitness trainer powered by Glass.

Serena Chu
  • 11 october 2013

Exercising with a friend is enjoyable, but sometimes it is more productive to train by ourselves. Pumping adrenaline back into fitness routines, Race Yourself is the first app specifically made for Google Glass that enables users to enter an augmented reality while exercising. Race Yourself turns running or other types of exercise into a game, and allows for more in-the-moment competition against friends, yourself, or more importantly life.

Developed by an UK startup, the app is currently featured on CrowdCube, a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter, and has already raised over £100,000.

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Tracking the time, distance, pace and burned calories, Race Yourself displays the entire workout right before your eyes. The app will even project a virtual competitor to help you shatter your personal record.

Experimenting with other sensors on Glass, the development team has also created an “injury mode” that takes into account when you are injured or likely to acquire one.

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Alex Foster, the co-founder of the app, explains what inspired him to develop Race Yourself.

Our goal is make exercise incredibly addictive and enjoyable through augmented reality exercise…[letting] the user knows if they are beating or falling behind their personal best or target pace the whole way through the run.

Pre-sales for the app will be introduced before the end of the year.

Race Yourself 

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