Google Tasks Nonprofits To Solve Global Crises With Glass

Google Tasks Nonprofits To Solve Global Crises With Glass

Google Glass could make philanthropy more transparent and bring donors closer to the cause.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 october 2013

As part of a new effort to see how technology can impact real-world problems, Google has given five nonprofits their Glass devices to see how they can amplify the work they are already doing. The World Wildlife Fund, Samasource, GiveDirectly, DoSomething!, and charity: water will be the first organizations to take part in the “Giving through Glass” initiative.

The hope is that the technology provided by Google will allow more complicated problems to be tackled, and for those issues the nonprofits are already taking care of, the hope is that it will be possible to do the same work with a lot less effort. From poverty alleviation in Kenya to rallying youth to support important causes, all of the groups aim to make Glass a part of their daily work.


With Glass already being used to teach others and shed some light on the internal workings of various processes, it’s likely that the glasses will encourage greater transparency in the world of philanthropy. Those people who are skeptical of where their money is going can see first hand what their hard-earned dollars are doing in third-world countries, and for those who already have faith, it could be an opportunity to get closer to the people they support.

According the announcement on Google+, this is only the beginning, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for further developments from the “Giving through Glass” initiative.


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+Charity: Water
+World Wildlife Fund

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