Google Patent Could Let People Make Calls From Picture Frames

Google Patent Could Let People Make Calls From Picture Frames

Digital photo accessory lets you sync photos wirelessly, tag friends and family, and get in touch with them.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 october 2013

There are plenty of digital photo frames on the market already, but Google secured a patent on Tuesday for a design that has something the others don’t – wireless connectivity. Able to connect directly to your mobile device, the frame lets you upload photos and tag the people in them, as well as a range of other features.

Once you have tagged your friends and family in photos, the list of tags will be imported into your phone’s contact list without having to establish a physical connection. Then all you have to do to make a call is tap the face of someone on display in the photo frame, which would prompt your phone to call that particular person – keeping their face on display in the frame for as long as the call lasts.


Apart from the over-the-air simplicity, and intuitive user interface of the digital photo frame, it also has the seemingly infinite resources of Google backing it up. With a high likelihood the frame will be able to integrate with other devices and platforms, such as Android and Google TV, it could easily become a seamless extension of your technological presence, as opposed to a novel gadget lying around the house.

Even though there is no information regarding release date or price, you can bet the device will make itself known before its imminent release.


Image by laihiu

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