Grand Theft Auto Stills Appear As Poetic Street Photography [Pics]

Grand Theft Auto Stills Appear As Poetic Street Photography [Pics]
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School of Visual Arts student composes artful shots through video game, blurring the line between real and digital.

Sara Boboltz
  • 15 october 2013

As an art student and street photographer, it didn’t take Fernando Pereira Gomes very long to notice the parallels between the world of Grand Theft Auto V — which he’d bought at the game’s midnight premiere — and the real world that he photographs on a daily basis. And thus the Tumblr Street Photography V was born.

Gomes credits his latest series of work to the quality of realism achieved with GTA V.  In the fictional city of Los Santos, detailed architecture, changing light patterns, and spontaneous actions by citizens reminded him of walking around the streets of New York. Gomes uses his character’s cameraphone to compose surprisingly lifelike shots in the game, which can be uploaded to Rockstar‘s public server. Then he transfers the files to his computer.

He explains how the process, not just the images themselves, mimics real life, as well:

When shooting IRL, you will often have people looking at you and acknowledging the presence of the camera … I felt the same thing happen in GTA.

There are limitations to being a photographer in a video game — the character can’t bend down or change perspective to get exactly the right angle, for example. But it can also do things Gomes cannot, such as walk out into traffic.

Take a look below:

Fernando Pereira Gomes

Images by Fernando Pereira Gomes.

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