Greenhouse For Humans Recreates Summer Heat In Cool Climates [Pics]

Greenhouse For Humans Recreates Summer Heat In Cool Climates [Pics]
Design & Architecture

The Invisible Garden House is a translucent structure that lets homeowners enjoy an extended and optimized summer.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 october 2013

The Invisible Garden House is a domed structure designed by Simon Hjermind Jensen. It creates a micro climate optimized for recreational use and growing plants in cooler climates.

The project was built north of Copenhagen in Denmark in a private garden, to extend the feeling of summer for the family. Three connected domes are heated by the sun and the inside temperature can be adjusted by a system based on natural ventilation.

Greenhouse Dome Recreates Summer Warmth In Cool Climates [Pics]

The largest central dome has a wooden floor and seating, with the other two functioning as greenhouses for vegetables and ornamental flowers. UV protected polycarbonate was used for both the shells and the sewings, with all the parts drawn on a computer, milled on a CNC router, and assembled with metal bolts.

The project, which cost €18,900, would be easy to reproduce and holds great potential for both private and public spaces in the northern temperate zone. Click through to see pictures of the Invisible Garden House:

Simon Hjermind Jensen


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