Subway Car Sells Groceries For Commuters On The Move

Subway Car Sells Groceries For Commuters On The Move

South Korean train carriage comes complete with refrigerated meat section.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 october 2013

Grocery stores inside subway stations are nothing new, but grocery stores inside the same train you happen to be traveling on are something else altogether. An anonymous tourist visiting the capital city of South Korea stumbled across a subway carriage that had been fully converted into a mobile grocery store.

The store is complete with a cash register and refrigerated display case that appears to have various fresh meats on offer. If the converted cart is able to offer cold-cuts, then there is very little to stop it from selling fresh vegetables and other essential foodstuffs. By doing so, the store would be able to offer an on-the-go alternative for many busy commuters who struggle to find time to pick up last-minute groceries.


While the idea itself is original, there is the question of how this type of grocery store would be received in the US, a country that is perhaps a little less accepting of the weird and wonderful when compared with many Asian countries. Rush hour trains are also fairly crowded as it is, which begs the questions, is there enough room for a full-stocked delhi counter amongst the throngs of people packing themselves onto trains everyday?


Image via Flickr

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