Hand-Held Frame Helps Students Capture Still-Life Perspective [Video]

Hand-Held Frame Helps Students Capture Still-Life Perspective [Video]

A new measuring tool aims to instantly and simply improve a drawer’s technique.

Lara Piras
  • 31 october 2013

The Miira View Frame is a tool designed to help artists learn how to measure perspective, proportion, foreshortening, and improve the accuracy in their designs.

The rectangular frame has flexible metal rods that move around a track via magnets in its center, allowing people to easily turn the 3D images in front of them into flat drawings.

Users can adjust the rod’s position accordingly to line up the subject and the device then helps translate the 3D image into a more easily comprehensible flat drawing.

Miira View Frame aimed at visual artists and designers but is also being considered for use in architecture schools and colleges all over the world.

Watch the explanatory video below:

Miira View Frame

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