Handmade Vodka Bottle Made Of Hardwood Instead Of Glass [Pics]

Handmade Vodka Bottle Made Of Hardwood Instead Of Glass [Pics]

Brilliantly designed packaging is inspired by the natural world.

Serena Chu
  • 4 october 2013

Taking branding and advertising to a whole new level, designer Constantin Bolimond repackaged “Firewood Vodka” to visually resemble the brand and its product in an appealing and dramatic way. The simple design of the bottle is a literal interpretation of firewood. The vodka bottle was handmade from wood, and features a red embossed logo.

With a strong connection to forestry, Firewood Vodka’s new packaging is not only aesthetically charming, but also eco-friendly. Bolimond’s inventive design serves as an inspiration to other artists, especially when more and more companies are seeking to revamp their brand.

This goes to show the only boundaries to creativity exist in the confinements of our mind.

Click through to see images of the reimagined packaging below.

Firewood Vodka 


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+Design Update
+Environmental / Green

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