Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]
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Play the piano with your feet, or walk on water thanks to an interesting new take on footwear.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 october 2013

Yuri Suzuki has a long-standing relationship with sound, including a taxi that transforms city noise into music and a robot that scans drawings in place of musical notation, but now the designer has turned his attention to fashionable footwear. Leading a workshop called “Sound Of The Heels,” his aim was to redesign the traditional “click-clack” sound associated with high heels.

Suzuki worked with students from ECAL studying Media & Interaction Design and Industrial Design, including Cyrille Verdon, Renaud de Francesco, Marc Dubois, Aurélien Haslebacher to create a pair of heels that defy the norm. The resulting shoes can emit sounds as if the wearer was walking through gravel, water, and even an oversized piano.


As part of the “Mind The Beep” workshop, Suzuki also approached other areas of everyday life such as alarm clocks, the ringing sound of a mobile phone and bike bells. In the meantime, be sure to watch the video and see how sound could be the new way to distinguish your shoes from all the others already out there.

Yuri Suzuki

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