Holy Signs Shield Cathedral Lawn From Dog Droppings [Pics]

Holy Signs Shield Cathedral Lawn From Dog Droppings [Pics]
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Pentagram's design suggest a new commandment for church visitors: clean up after your pet.

Sara Boboltz
  • 17 october 2013

As the world’s fourth-largest Christian church, the century-old Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is a New York City landmark also appreciated by neighborhood dogs.

On each St. Francis Day, the Church hosts a blessing ceremony for dogs, cats, and all Earth’s creatures — but this year its leaders were frustrated by the amount of droppings they later found to have desecrated the lawn. So they turned to Pentagram‘s Michael Bierut to help solve the unsightly problem. A creative brief left much to the agency’s discretion, simply requesting three signs that would urge visitors to keep their pets on a leash and clean up whatever they might leave behind.

Maybe it wasn’t the most exciting assignment. But with their own visual flair and some cheeky humor, Bierut and company created a series of commandments that speak to all dog owners — be they familiar with Biblical scripture or not. Project lead Jesse Reed explained:

It was actually an exciting opportunity for us to design unique signs rather than our client reverting to something off-the-shelf. The Cathedral is very much a place of worship, but it’s also a cultural organization and a community center, and its audience is very broad.

A shade of green was carefully chosen (needing at once to blend in with the surrounding foliage and stand out against it) and paired with a custom typeface based on Frederic Goudy’s 1928 Blackletter, which they called Divine. Take a look below:

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine // Pentagram

Photos via Pentagram.

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