Hybrid Shoes Repurpose Designer Counterfeits [Pics]

Hybrid Shoes Repurpose Designer Counterfeits [Pics]
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Artist Sander Wassink mixes and matches brand name knockoffs for all new footwear.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 15 october 2013

A great pair of shoes has become the ultimate fashion statement. People will go to great lengths for limited edition kicks, custom shoes, and one-of-a-kind “statements for your feet.” So, it should be no surprise that Sander Wassink’s reconstructed, hybrid shoes are turning some heads.

Sander Wassink is an artist/designer that uses discarded and left over materials for his projects in an attempt to reimagine a new purpose for an existing commodity. To this end, his reconstructed hybrid shoes envision a life for designer knockoffs by using bits and pieces from many different pairs to make something new.


Wassink set up a pop-up store during Beijing Design Week 2013 selling shoes that were deconstructed and rebuilt to create new footwear. Using mostly cheap counterfeit shoes as his raw materials, Wassink employed local designers to cut and craft the new shoes. One pair even combines a hiking boot, a sneaker, and a loafer.

While some of these new creations may be impractical as footwear rather than art, they certainly are a one-of-a-kind statement.

Sander Wassink

Images via designboom

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