Why Leaders In Digital Must Embrace Continuous Learning

Why Leaders In Digital Must Embrace Continuous Learning

Educational institution develops a senior-level leadership program to confront tough business challenges.

Plus Aziz
  • 13 october 2013

Hyper Island is an educational institution that helps executives, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs overcome all sorts of market obstacles. Most recently, they announced the launch of their Digital Leadership Program for senior level professionals. The program addresses challenges such as improving the quality of one’s digital workforce, measuring and understanding digital ROI, and how to leverage big data.\

We interviewed Hyper Island’s CEO Johanna Frelin to get a closer look at what Hyper Island is setting out to do with this program.

How do you define ‘digital innovation’?

Creativity is about problem solving – finding a solution to a problem, a need or a challenge. When you find a new way to create this solution, or by combining or re-inventing ways that have been used in other ways before, you could do something for the very first time and it could lead to innovation. Digital innovation is a broad term, and not easily definable because it could mean different things in different circumstances. Digital is everywhere, it is the tools, the systems, the technology but it is also the behaviors and the mindsets. I think innovations as of today tend to be digital; even though they might be analogue, most, if not all, will be happening within a digital framework.

Tell about how you are embarking on “a radical new paradigm in professional and digital learning.

The cornerstones of a Hyper Island experience are built upon learning by doing, collaboration (with industry as well as in between course participants), reflection, and receiving and providing feedback. We encourage our participants to admit and accept their fears (could or could not be connected to digital), and take a leap and try it. The worst thing is not to fail, in fact it could be benefitting, worse is not to try at all. We provide the framework, but let the participants draw their own conclusions. Combined with industry experts sharing their views and experiences as speakers, we can tailor learning experiences that are unique to markets, industries and also individuals.

How that feels is different to everyone, but what we usually hear from our students and participants is that our learning experiences are intense, thought provoking and rewarding; both professionally and personally.

You say that “The Digital Leadership Program is not a class, but a personalized learning experience”.

What I usually say is that if you are looking to attend a class where you are provided with all the answers, you should not attend our class. We provide the framework, but let the participants draw their own conclusions. Combined with industry experts sharing their views and experiences as speakers, and that this program offers our participants to bring their real work business challenges to work on in the class and in their work place, we tailor learning experiences that are unique – not only to markets and industries but also to individuals taking part.

Metaphorically speaking, what Hyper Island does is to provide our participants with the playing field and tools to establish a strong team spirit, but in the end it is the players that determine how and with which results the game will be played.

Anything else to add?

Our ambition is to expand our US operations further within the next coming years. We see an increasing demand from agencies to companies and organizations on finding ways to adapt and prepare their businesses and teams for the future. The Digital Leadership Program is our first step to complement our existing offering and to fulfilling that ambition.

Thanks Johanna!

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