Indoor Camping Furniture Will Re-Imagine Living Spaces [Pics]

Indoor Camping Furniture Will Re-Imagine Living Spaces [Pics]
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French designer rethinks traditional fixtures with a series of super lightweight home furnishings.

Sara Boboltz
  • 18 october 2013

Those of you who have never tried ‘camping’ at home by setting up the family tent in the living room should take note of Gomar‘s latest creation, Charade.

The French designer’s series of indoor camping furniture comprises a table, a stool, and two lamps, all made from lightweight and easy-to-move metal tubes and sailcloth. The designs were born out of her research on nomadic cultures and fascination with the sort of temporary structures that simple materials — like a stick and some cloth — can create.

By altering the lightness and simplicity of mobile camping furniture designs, she allows users to create temporary indoor atmospheres of their own — pairing quite nicely with Nomades, her unique dishware made for dining on the floor. The set of rubber bowls and plates, combined with regular ceramic pieces, can also be stacked for use as a stool or, when not in use, as a sculpture.


Imagine sitting on the floor under your yellow tent lamp as you snack out of a rubber dish and ponder the inflexibility of traditional home furnishing options. But unfortunately, these are only prototype designs produced with the help of Buitink Technology, so for now we’ll all have to settle for camping tents in our living rooms.


Photos via DesignBoom.

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