Inflatable Classroom Teaches Urban Intervention Techniques [Pics]

Inflatable Classroom Teaches Urban Intervention Techniques [Pics]
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The Inflato Dumpster is a mobile learning lab seeking funding on Kickstarter that aims to help locals rethink their public spaces.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 october 2013

The Inflato Dumpster is a project by the Department of Urban Betterment which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The inflatable and mobile learning space is located inside a dumpster and will hold classes on how to interact with the urban environment as well as giving residents a way to voice their public space concerns.

The large-scale urban intervention aims to counter the tendency of public spaces becoming privatized and commodified. It will be an open and engaging structure that acts as a mobile learning lab.

Inflatable Classroom Teaches Urban Intervention Methods [Pics]

Inside, screens and sensors will produce constantly updating streams of demographic and subjective information regarding the local site. A smaller constellation of satellite interventions will also be created by locals and visitors.

The Inflato Dumpster will be a gathering space where programs can be curated to the needs of the community. Visitors will be able to enter, visualize, learn and explore various urban techniques and strategies before leaving the structure armed with the knowledge to redesign their own environment. Click through to see images of the inflatable learning space and check out the campaign video below:

Inflato Dumpster

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