Inside-Out Sneakers Breath New Life Into Discarded Brand Samples [Pics]

Inside-Out Sneakers Breath New Life Into Discarded Brand Samples [Pics]

Designer Elisa van Joolen took leftover shoes and inverted them to create new footwear.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 october 2013

Dutch designer Elisa Van Joolen took leftover sample stocks from popular brands like Nike, Converse, Clarks, and others, and then turned the materials inside out to create new shoes for her Invert Footwear collection.

The designer cut out the bottom of the shoes, turned the shoes inside out, and stitched on bases from cheap sandals to turn them into new sneakers.


Inverting the shoes hides the branding on the external part of the footwear and reveals the colors and stitching of the interior. The exposed seams bring attention to the factory workers who originally made the shoes.

The sneakers in the designer’s Invert Footwear collection are made out of sample shoes from past seasons that the designer obtained by contacting brand representatives.


Van Joolen’s collection features a unique way of transforming materials that would have otherwise been thrown out. She also created flip flips out of the soles by using the laces as straps.

The collection was a finalist at the Dutch Design Awards. See more photos of it below.


Elisa van Joolen

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