Street Installation Prints Ready-To-Send Junk Mail From The Future [Video]


A rarely welcomed type of mail finds itself at the core of a new exhibition focusing on the future of business.

Lara Piras
  • 31 october 2013

New York based contemporary art institution The Storefront for Art and Architecture has been home to an innovative exhibition titled the Junk Mail Machine. Built by The Extrapolation Factory, who describe themselves as an “imagination-based studio for design-lead futures studies,” the installation was in fact both imaginative and futuristic.

During its week-long residency Junk Mail Machine prompted passersby to suggest a hypothetical product that would fill a future need or desire, and in return, created pieces of junk mail advertising those invented goods. The experiment prompted visitors to envision new and augmented requisites, as well as the businesses and services that would be necessary to fulfil these needs.

The results were translated into ‘junk mail’ and sent to an address of the visitor’s choice as well as being displayed in the storefront itself.

Watch the process video below:

The Extrapolation Factory

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