Kitchen Appliance Brews Beer Like A Coffeemaker [Pics]

Kitchen Appliance Brews Beer Like A Coffeemaker [Pics]

A quicker, cleaner, and more convenient way to brew your own beer at home.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 october 2013

Brewing your own beer can be a tricky business, there is the 6-8 hours of waiting around, the potential risk of a bad batch, and the inevitable cleanup afterwards. The PicoBrew Zymatic is a new table-top brewing machine that promises to simplify the process and produce high-quality all-grain beer.

Co-founder Bill Mitchell had 18+ years as an executive at Microsoft leading pioneering efforts in PDAs, smartphones, automotive and wearable computing, and his brother Jim has spent much of the last two decades building innovative food processing plants in California. They also have a family background in food-based innovations – their grandfather was Dr. William Mitchell, inventor of Pop Rocks, Tang and other fun foods.


Just like an oversized espresso machine, all you have to do is select a recipe, load the machine with grain, hops, and water, then turn it on and walk away. In under four hours, you will have a keg full of unfermented beer that  just needs to be chilled, have yeast added to it, and sealed so it can ferment. One week later, just break open your keg and carbonate the beer.

Compared with the traditional process, the machine is quicker, more convenient, and makes a whole lot less mess. As proof, the Kickstarter project met its $150,000 funding goal in just one day.

Be sure to watch the video for more information on the breakthrough brewing machine:

PicoBrew Zymatic

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