DJ Creates 3D Music For His New Album [Video]

DJ Creates 3D Music For His New Album [Video]

Artist manipulates music in the third dimension and creates a symphony of surreal sounds.

Serena Chu
  • 7 october 2013

Using Leap Motion controller as his sole tool to put together his forward thinking album, Devine Lu Linvega – better known as Dj Aliceffekt – invented a new way to produce music, one that is futuristic and electrifying.

What seems like music from another world, his album “Telekinetic” serves as the perfect example of the style and ingenuity this Tokyo-based french Canadian artist embodies.

leap motion 2

By incorporating the Leap Motion controller, Linvega was liberated from his heavy load of DJ equipment, and adopting a more hands-on technique with music. He specially wrote music for the control, producing surreal and retro-futuristic sounds.

The Leap Motion Controller is a portable computer input device that gives users more physical command of computer softwares, allowing them to use certain apps in the third dimension.

leap motion controller

Linvega is famous for his performance in some of the hottest clubs in Tokyo, but he is no stranger to the entertainment world —  he is also a media developer and trans-cultural linguist.

Many of his projects are offered for free on GitHub. His “Telekinetic” album is scheduled for release on Thursday – stay tuned.

Here is a video of Linvega playing his best at Tokyo Indie Dance Party below.

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