Lexus Cars Paint Portraits Of Their Drivers In Real-Time [Pics]

Lexus Cars Paint Portraits Of Their Drivers In Real-Time [Pics]

The car brand's ART IS MOTION project features a system that uses different brushstrokes depending on how quickly or slowly a person drives.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 october 2013

Lexus Belgium launched its latest project ART IS MOTION, which features a unique system that “paints” a digital picture of the car driver in real-time based on his driving style.

For ART IS MOTION, a “Generative Artwork” system is fitted on the new IS 300 hybrid car. The system creates a portrait of the driver by converting his driving style into digital brush strokes via a specially-developed artistic software. The system takes inputs like speed, acceleration, and the use of energy, and converts them into various colors, strokes, and digital art imagery based on the works of Spanish multi-media artist Sergio Albiac.

The portrait is viewed in real-time on the video screen on the car’s dashboard and broadcast on the ART IS MOTION website for everyone’s viewing pleasure.



Through the real-time paintings one can see when the driver speeds up or slows down. Strong red brushstrokes can mean that the driver accelerated quickly and cool blue colors reveal that the driver was driving easily and comfortably.

ART IS MOTION was made possible by international, award-winning communications agency Happiness Brussels. The ART IS MOTION driver is Walter Vanhaerents, renowned Belgian entrepreneur and collector of contemporary art.


+Happiness Brussels

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