Pyramid Blocks Pass Light Waves Onto Each Other [Video]

Pyramid Blocks Pass Light Waves Onto Each Other [Video]
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Created by panGenerator, 'Constellaction' is an emergent a/ v installation that consists of tetrahedrons that create light waves.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 october 2013

The new media design and art collective panGenerator created an emergent audio/visual installation for the Copernicus Science Centre called ‘Constellaction.’ It consists of tetrahedron-shaped blocks that light up and beep when light shines on them.

Pyramid Blocks Pass Light Waves Onto Each Other [Video]

When other blocks detect the light, they shine and beep as well. The installation is an innovative way to engage people with technology and the arts. The small pyramids are embedded with custom-made electronics that can detect and produce light and a buzzing noise.

When lots of the tetrahedrons are gathered together, they can catch light and pass it on, creating a kind of “light wave”. Creative Applications reports that high-level patterns are shaped by participants interacting with the installation, so Constellaction evolves and changes based on their collaborative effort. You can check out the installation in the video below:


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