Modular device lets you feel the caress of loved ones and turns this contact into emotional heat maps.

Long-distance relationships are made that much easier thanks to a wide variety of communication options, and more recently by bracelets that allow couples to “touch” each other even when miles apart. A digital innovation agency called Kwamecorp has just created their own version of the device called “BOND” which is available as a bracelet or a pendant, and lets you feel the touch of a loved one from the other side of the planet.

Each of the modules features a capacitive touch sensor, Bluetooth, a vibration motor, an LED and a battery, induction charger and accelerometer. This module attaches to the bracelet or necklace made from wild Amazonian rubber using magnets, and can connect with iPhones and any Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0. When a wearer briefly touches their device, the person on the other end will get a one-second “tickle” (much like a phone vibration). Tickles can last up to five seconds and will appear as a different colour depending on how long it’s touched for.

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